Bryan & Anna Giannini

Bryan and Anna have their degrees in Psychology and Christian Counseling from Liberty University.  Bryan and Anna work under the supervision of Freedom Christian Counseling Services.

My wife and I attended Lifeway's Fall Festival of Marriage on several occasions. On two of those occasions, during date time, I got the impression during my prayer time that God wanted us to go into marriage ministry. I told my wife and she said she had gotten the same impression during her prayer time. It was the second time that I felt God telling me to step out in faith and do what He had told us both. God revealed "Wanted" was the name He wanted us to use and then He made it clear to me why. All are lost and fallen but He still wants a relationship with us no matter where we are in our walks. He impressed on me that too many people had forgotten about Him. Some even thought that their sins were too great and did not believe they could still come to Him. We should go and tell the people that God is waiting for them to come back to Him because He wants us all to be in fellowship with Him and each other. He wants us whether we have been married 50 years, 5 years, divorced, or even divorced more than once to come and receive the blessings that only He can give us. All we have to do is accept Him into our hearts and believe in Him. Basically God impressed on me that no matter what your sins are or where you are on life's journey that we are all Wanted by Him. The parable of the prodigal Son is a beautiful example of how a father's love for his children overrules any bad deeds. Just think how much more He loves us than those described in the parable. The fact that a Shepherd will leave his flock to bring back the ones that are lost is an awesome description of our God. For He is the Shepherd of us all and is constantly wanting His lost people to repent and come to Him. He will meet you where you are and return you to the fold; all you have to do is to ask. He wants us all and that is why we named the ministry Wanted Marriage Ministries.

Remember, we are all Wanted people, so turn yourselves to the One who rules over all and receive your Rewards. Rewards are Guaranteed!!!!